Keeping Students Safe from Inappropriate Boundaries


Sometimes it seems you cannot watch the news for more than a week without seeing another story about a teacher having an inappropriate relationship with a student. Parents can no longer send their children off to school without worrying that educators could be predators. It was always difficult raising teenagers to have appropriate boundaries, but when the teachers are taking advantage of vulnerable youngsters, it can seem almost impossible for a parent to keep their child safe.

Teenagers’ brains are still developing, and their ability to make reasonable long-term decisions will not fully mature until their early to mid-twenties. Predators of any kind can take advantage of this, and they do. In just the last few weeks, multiple cases have hit the headlines, including:

  • A 31-year-old Connecticut teacher accused of having inappropriate relations with two of her Special Needs students
  • A long-time Miami teacher accused of molesting at least 8 students over a 14-year period
  • A New Jersey teacher who preyed upon at least one girl in his class

Schools are supposed to be safe zones. Weapons are banned from their campuses, but predators are allowed to prowl the hallways for years. School districts rarely meet these challenges head-on, instead of assuming that the people they hire are safe. But has now been demonstrated dozens and dozens of times, some people become teachers just to have access to a vulnerable population.

If your child has been the victim of a predatory teacher, it is important to determine whether the school district created an environment that allowed that teacher to find victims. Please, consult with an experienced attorney who can help you make that difficult evaluation, and can help you determine whether or not to proceed with legal action against the teacher, the school, and the district that allowed children to be at risk.

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