Instagram and Plastic Surgeons Not a Good Combination


Plastic surgery is a cut-throat business, with thousands of practitioners competing for customers. Generating business is the key to generating revenue, and many plastic surgeons are motivated as much by their bottom line as by a desire to help people. This is not true of all of them. Some plastic surgeons specialize in reconstruction of facial abnormalities such as cleft palates, and many of them don’t even need to advertise. But a profit motive is common.

Instagram has become a playground for plastic surgeons chasing patients. These doctors hope to convert clicks and views to paying customers. In order to maximize their visibility, some of them try to be entertaining even while performing their procedures. Examples include doctors:

  • Singing and dancing while in the operating room, including utilizing fat or other products taken from their patients
  • Telling jokes while performing a procedure
  • Doing tricks or flourishes with scalpels or other medical implements

Clearly, these behaviors are unsafe. Whenever performing a delicate operation, the surgeon should be focused on the task at hand, not entertaining potential future customers. But the proliferation on social media of posts such as these indicates there is a demand for them, even if it is impossible to tell how much of the demand comes from people looking for a doctor and how much is from gawkers.

Perhaps the most frightening thing of all is that, according to a study out of Northwestern, less than twenty percent of these performers are Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. So not only are there a number of certified plastic surgeons willing to risk the health of their patients for the sake of entertainment, but there are also hundreds of non-certified individuals offering these services to patients who are not aware of their lack of qualifications.

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