Incident at Long Island Festival


At least one woman is seriously injured after a Humvee plowed into a crowd at a Long Island Food Festival. The incident took place on September 23rd, 2017, when a display vehicle slipped a gear and ran into a group of people who had gathered at the Long Island Bacon Bash. The full extent of injuries is not yet known.

A full investigation will have to take place, but initial reports are attempting to frame the situation as entirely accidental. Though it is possible that there was no user error involved and that the vehicle simply had a malfunction, it seems more likely that the Humvee was not properly shifted into park, or that one of the attendees of the festival moved the gear shift.

In many jurisdictions, there are only light regulations regarding these types of civic gatherings. But whenever large machines are involved, even for decoration, safety must be the first priority. Whoever was in charge of the Humvee should have taken extra precautions, including placing barriers in front of the tires, to assure that it wouldn’t roll even if the transmission slipped. And the Humvee should have been monitored to make sure that kids or others didn’t fool around with the transmission.

Organizers of these events must take safety seriously. Even one injury or accident is too many if it was caused by negligence. Determining the extent of liability, and whether the organizers or the owners of the property were responsible, can be extremely difficult. Still, it is important that questions get asked and safety is prioritized in the future.

If you or someone you love has attended a festival, sporting event, or other public gatherings, and you were injured because proper safety protocols were not developed or implemented, it is important that you hold the organizers responsible. Please contact an experienced attorney who can help you make your case.

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