House Fires–When It Happens To You


House fires claim the lives of many annually, and the causes are multiple ranging from faulty electrical cords, to kitchen fires gone wild, to children playing with matches, to barbecue grill accidents, and many more. No matter how much we know about fires and how much we know about fire safety, there does not seem to be a consistent decrease in the causes or victims who are involved. Luckily, first responders are often on the scene, but sometimes conditions exist that even they are unable to tackle.

A house or building fire can become so out of control that people are trapped inside with no way out. The smoke overwhelms and blinds them, and the inhalation alone is a tragic case of inability to breathe to save one’s own life. Even sadder is when a fire happens during the evening and small children are left unaccounted for during the rescue. Lives are lost, families are left devastated and investigations are ongoing to determine the “why” of what happened.

It goes without saying that the first defense is to make sure that your house is electrically sound, and that there are no issues that could cause a fire. Some of those safety issues include:

  • Keep extension cords and other electrical cords visible and away from the middle of rooms. Do not cover them with blankets or rugs, and make sure they are out of the way where someone could easily trip on them.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen and nearby a grill if you do outdoor cooking.
  • Keep all matches away from children.
  • Replace any appliances that have frayed cords, and keep all cords away from any water sources.

Kitchen fires can happen in an instant if grease falls where it’s not supposed to. A grill fire can get out of hand and ignite parts of the home if proper grilling methods are not used. Appliances can become overheated to catch on fire, and people can trip on a cord that is left out in the open. Many of those instances can be prevented with proper care in the home.

If you or someone you know has been injured in house fire, or you know someone who has died as a result of a house fire, the evidence left behind for an investigation is sometimes hard to determine. Many items are not left intact, although fire inspectors use their knowledge and techniques to find the origin. When you have an incident like this happen to you, be sure to enlist the assistance of a personal injury law firm who can best determine the cause, result and compensation you deserve.

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