Horrible Oversight at Daycare Facility


At first, the owners and management declared there was no reason to believe anything more than a terrible accident had taken place on May 23rd, 2017, when an 8-month-old baby was discovered not breathing at Rocket Tiers Learning Center. Emergency personnel were called, but doctors were unable to save the child. Owners sent home a note to parents, letting them know about the awful tragedy and reassure them it was not the fault of caregivers.

But when police consulted the videotapes, they discovered it was much more than a terrible accident. It was murder. The 23-year-old responsible for the infant repeatedly harmed the child leading up to its death. Police were horrified to see that the caregiver, over the course of over 20 minutes:

  • Slapped the baby multiple times
  • Pulled the baby from the crib by a single arm
  • Placed pillows and blankets over the baby’s face, smothering her

A police investigation is still ongoing, but the tapes were only reviewed because the infant died. Had the caregiver performed the same actions with no clear sign of harm, it is possible no one would have ever looked. In fact, this level of abuse could have been going on for weeks with no one knowing.

Cameras are in place in daycares to prevent abuse. But cameras do not help if they are only reviewed after the worst possible scenario has occurred. These videos should be checked daily. And a single caregiver at such a facility should not have twenty uninterrupted minutes to torture and then murder a child.

If your child or the child of someone you love has suffered abuse at a daycare facility, determining exactly what happened can be difficult. Hopefully, the facility electronically monitors the facility, but even if they do, getting access to those tapes can be difficult. Please, retain an experienced attorney who can help guide you through the process.

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