Holding Large Companies Responsible


On March 3rd, 2017, a jury in St. Louis voted non-unanimously to deny damages to a 55-year-old woman suffering from ovarian cancer as a consequence of her long-term use of Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder. The jury wasn’t completely convinced by the evidence of the plaintiff, and Johnson & Johnson’s expensive lawyers were able to argue that the scientific evidence was not conclusive enough.

Johnson & Johnson is hailing this verdict, purposefully ignoring the fact that other juries in other states have seen more than enough evidence to hold the company accountable. Johnson & Johnson wants to convince everyone that this is the first in a landslide of victories for their lawyers, but history does not bear this out.

In fact, it often takes years for the court system to fully appreciate the damage a company has done to consumer health. Johnson & Johnson is not the first company to put profits ahead of the lives of the people who buy their products, and all too often it takes years and years of work by compassionate lawyers and plaintiffs to get the legal system to do what is right.

The tobacco companies won some and lost some for years before the American public fully appreciated the damage done by nicotine and the carcinogens in cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Asbestos companies fought for years and years against claims that their product caused Mesothelioma. Car companies and airbag manufacturers have fought claims as long as possible before admitting fault.

If you or someone you love has developed ovarian cancer due to exposure to talcum powder, don’t lose heart. There will always be wins and losses as these companies spend millions defending their dangerous products. Please, retain an experienced attorney to help you hold them accountable for their negligence.

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