Guns, Children and Spinal Cord Injuries


A child finds an improperly stored gun at a friend’s home and pretends he is shooting his friend. Only this time, there is no pretend. The gun really fires and the friend is killed on the spot. Who is to blame? The parents of the kid who found the gun? The owners of the house where the gun was found? The child himself? So many questions remain when a case like this occurs, and many others like it when children are involved. This is just one of the many ways that guns are the cause of violence, devastating injuries to the head and spine, and fatalities among children and adults.

Guns are dangerous in the wrong hands, and a rash of violence has ensued over recent months that cause debate among many organizations and associations advocating everything from gun protection, to gun laws from state to state, to mental health issues and more. But when children are involved, or anyone under the age of 16, the incidents are especially tragic. Even if a fatality does not occur, the likelihood of a spinal cord injury, head trauma or other debilitating injury is almost imminent. Spinal cord injuries happen when there is injury to the spinal cord, to the point that there is limited movement in parts of the body that had functioned normally in the past. A spinal cord injury damages vertebrae and nerves and can be long lasting and life threatening. A shot in the back, head or chest can result in a spinal cord injury or brain injury.

Because of the randomness of gunfire, spinal cord injuries among gun accident victims are many. If you have a gun in your home and small children are around, here are some basics that should come into play to prevent injuries of any kind:

  • Teach your children never to play with guns. They are a dangerous weapon when not used property.
  • Remind your child to leave the area if they see a gun at the home of a friend.
  • Show children other ways to play and resolve conflict. A gun is not the solution to childhood problems.
  • Any guns in your home should be locked up properly, and put of sight and unloaded. Bullets should be locked in a different location from the guns.

If you or someone you know has suffered a spinal cord injury from any incident or from a firearms-related incident, compensation for the injury or death may not be an easy road. A law firm who is renowned for personal injury cases and spinal cord injury cases can assist you in your fight for justice.

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