Gadolinium Build-up in the Brain Through MRIs


For years the medical community insisted that Gadolinium was completely safe. The company line was that the kidneys processed the substance and it passed through the body completely. When it was demonstrated Gadolinium could mass in injured areas of the body, causing long-term health problems, healthcare providers insisted this would only affect a small number of people. But new research shows that anyone who has a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that utilizes Gadolinium is at risk.

GBCAs (or Gadolinium Based Contrast Agents) are used frequently in MRIs. MRIs are used diagnostically hundreds of thousands of times per year, and may very well be over-prescribed. The theory among many physicians has been that if an MRI has even the smallest chance of being vaguely useful, they will order one.

Wanting all the information possible for a diagnosis can be a good thing, but not when it unnecessarily places the patient at risk. Patients have complained about post-MRI diseases for decades, often ascribing the symptoms to exposure to Gadolinium. But the medical community ignored or even denied these claims, despite mounting evidence of danger. This resistance was based on a continued insistence that Gadolinium does not build up in the brain.

Now, research shows that Gadolinium indeed does amass in brain tissue. The paper, published in the Radiological Society of North America, indicates that autopsies on individuals who had undergone MRIs showed Gadolinium is able to pass through the “blood-brain barrier” and build up in brain tissue, regardless of whether or not there is any injured tissue to expedite permeability. This finding could offer a pathological cause for patients who suffer a variety of ailments after an MRI.

If you or someone you love has suffered a debilitating disease after receiving an MRI, determining whether or not your illness was caused by Gadolinium exposure can be difficult. Please, research Gadolinium illness and consider retaining an experienced attorney to evaluate your case.

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