Freedom Versus Vulnerability with School Injuries


Striking a delicate balance between letting your child have the freedom to explore while keeping them safe is always difficult. One of the biggest worries for most parents is that their child will fall and hit their head, or run into a doorframe or some other hard object at a high speed. Parents are terrified that head injuries will have a long-term negative impact on the life of their child, and it turns out parents are right.

New research from Boston University indicates that the age at which a head injury occurs has a major effect on the long-term implications. Specifically, children who are exposed to head trauma before the age of twelve are much more likely to have long-term brain damage from the trauma.

This is particularly sobering news for parents, because there are so many potential causes of head trauma that are mostly out of a parent’s control to prevent. These potential causes include:

  • Car accidents
  • Injuries in youth sports
  • Falling injuries on playgrounds, at school, and at daycare

Sadly, many schools, daycares, and youth sports don’t take these risks seriously enough. Children are put in dangerous situations on a daily basis. And all too often, the full implications of the head injury aren’t understood until much later, when a person starts having behavioral or cognitive difficulties. Children who suffer head trauma before they are twelve might have no systems until they have significant problems with memory in their twenties.

If your child has suffered head trauma due to negligence on the part of a school, daycare, or other situation where other adults were trusted with their care, please consider retaining a lawyer. Your child will likely need medical care and additional support for many years, and knowing that you held the person accountable for their negligence will help you make it through those difficult times.

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