Freak Accidents Not Uncommon


It gets really old, really fast. Whenever anything goes wrong, whenever anybody is seriously hurt or killed, some people want to call whatever happened a “freak accident.” There is something appealing about this, because if it’s a freak accident no one has to worry about it happening to them. A freak accident isn’t likely to happen twice.

But all too often things that are dismissed as “freak” accidents are actually preventable accidents, and powerful interests avoid fixing problems so long as they can convince people it wasn’t their fault. Recent “freak” accidents that likely had preventable causes include:

  • A January 8th, 2016 incident in Santa Barbara, California where a young man was run over by his own car after the keyless ignition started the truck unexpectedly
  • A January 1st, 2016 semi accident in Georgia where a woman fell from the truck and was run over
  • A Postal Worker killed on January 24th, 2016 after an old dead tree was blown over by heavy winds
  • A principal who was killed on January 26th, 2016 when a school bus jumped a curb after the driver thought it was properly braked

In all these cases, there were things that could have prevented the supposedly “freak” accident. No one needed to die. The keyless ignition could be programmed not to work if the car is in drive. Proper maintenance of the semi would have secured the doors. The dead tree should have been removed by property owners instead of leaving it up as a hazard. The school bus driver should have ensured the brakes were on.

If you have been in an accident, you know well how quickly people dismiss liability. It was just a freak accident, you’re told, and nothing could have been done. If you suspect something could have been done to prevent the accident that injured you or someone you love, it is important you reach out to an attorney who can help you prove there was nothing freakish about your accident.

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