Food Contamination Risk in New York City Schools


Schools are responsible for the safety of the children who attend. Many parents expect there is some degree of danger to certain activities, such as Physical Education, where bruises and scrapes are common. Extracurricular activities, such as sports and even drama, can carry some risk of injury. But most parents don’t expect the food their children are served in the cafeteria to pose significant risk.

Early in March 2017, cafeterias around the city pulled chicken tenders from their menus after a child found a piece of metal in his food. An investigation took place, and it was determined that nearly a million pounds of chicken might have been contaminated with metal pieces.

The distributor claims that this was simply an isolated incident, but their chicken products had been pulled from New York schools last year after bone fragments were found in some tenders. Many parents would be appalled at how commonplace these recalls have become. Last year, some pizza products had to be pulled after it was discovered they were contaminated with mold. And all of this isn’t taking into account other common foodborne illnesses children might be exposed to, such as Salmonella.

Exposing children to dangerous substances is never acceptable, and putting them at risk of internal injury and sickness due to improperly quality-controlled food is unthinkable. The schools must focus on making sure the food they serve in their cafeterias is safe for consumption. Mold, metal fragments, and bone chips should not end up on students’ plates.

If your child has suffered an injury due to school negligence, you may have noticed schools often hesitate to take proper responsibility and make the changes necessary to ensure student safety. Contact an experienced attorney who can help you force the school to make those changes.

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