Finz & Finz, P.C. Spotlight: Janine Colon, Medical Malpractice Paralegal


It always comes back to being able to help others. That is a constant for paralegal Janine Colon throughout everything she does. A veteran Finz & Finz, P.C., paralegal and an essential part of the medical malpractice team from intake to trial, Janine works diligently and tirelessly to ensure her team has all the necessary parts in place for a successful outcome.

Like most college students, Janine did not have a clear idea of where her career path would take her until she enrolled in business classes at Briarcliff College. This included courses in business law and criminal law, and she began to realize that integrating her business knowledge and legal knowledge was the direction she wanted to take. During her time as a student, she started working for attorneys, gaining more experience and knowledge with each firm she worked for. She also obtained a degree of Master of Business Administration, Management and Leadership at Dowling College.

As part of the medical malpractice team, Janine assists with intakes for new cases, client follow-up and status updates, motions, trial discovery, and preparation. Janine is always available to fulfill her team’s needs to help obtain the maximum result for the firm’s clients. With medical bills playing a large part in any serious medical condition, Janine regularly communicates with insurance companies to manage liens from both Medicare and Medicaid. Her business background has aided with her strong communication and organizational skills when it comes to the research and writing involved in preparing documents for trial. She takes pride in knowing she can help families get their lives back together after being victims of medical malpractice.

One of the things Janine enjoys most about being a medical malpractice paralegal is the opportunity to constantly learn about the very diverse field of medicine including diseases, surgeries and procedures, and medications, and the complications involved when medical malpractice occurs and things go wrong. As a mother, Janine has a special place in her heart for families affected by labor and delivery errors, and babies born with birth defects due to malpractice. She finds it extremely rewarding to be a part of the process of getting these families what they are entitled to in order to provide for the financial needs of their children.

Janine enjoys being a member of the legal team at Finz & Finz, P.C., due to the strong work ethic of the entire staff and their dedication towards the firm’s clients. The legal knowledge of the Senior Trial Attorney Stuart L. Finz and all of the attorneys at the firm, along with their approach to every challenge involved in a case, is something she greatly respects. When it is time for trial in a case she has worked on, Janine says she admires Senior Medical Malpractice Trial Attorney John S. Kanzler for the passion he has towards obtaining justice, which drives him to fight hard in court for the firm’s clients.

According to Finz & Finz, P.C., CEO Stuart Finz, “Janine comes to work each day with a single goal in mind, to work diligently for our clients so that they are provided with the greatest opportunity for a successful result. It is that type of dedication, coupled with Janine’s strong skill set, which contributes to separating our law firm from others.”

Aside from the great work she does as part of the medical malpractice team, the thing Janine prides herself on the most is being a positive role model for her children. She strives to be a mentor and teacher, and for them to know that being able to help others is a rewarding experience. Because for Janine, it always comes back to being there for others in need.

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