Farm Equipment Accidents: Unsafe Conditions Despite Demands


Reports of a bumper crop should be great news for everybody, but farmers and other agricultural concerns aren’t too pleased. More corn means lower prices, as the law of supply and demand leads to undercutting in the marketplace. Difficulties storing the large harvest for later use only make this worse, as the sellers are all afraid they won’t be able to unload all of their product.

As farmers, both small and large, try to make whatever profit they can in a difficult business environment, cutting costs becomes an important part of squeezing out every last penny. And when costs are being cut, people are often put into dangerous situations.

People who work harvesting crops already have a difficult job, but falling prices only make it more difficult, as bosses push for:

  • faster harvest times to get their own product to market faster, before prices are further depressed, increasing the likelihood of injuries
  • fewer employees to do the same amount of work, increasing the likelihood of mistakes and injuries
  • deferring maintenance, leading to accidents with large machinery that can kill or maim
  • cheaper, less safe methods of transporting the harvest to save some additional money

Nobody wants to be the one who speaks up about unsafe work conditions, because those people get fired. Things continue to decline until someone is terribly injured, and only then do people realize they saw the accident coming a mile away.

If you work in agriculture (or any other field) and are the victim of unsafe work conditions, please do something before someone gets hurt. Contact a lawyer who can help you contact the proper authorities. If it’s already too late and someone has been hurt, it is even more important that you seek out a qualified attorney to help protect others from a similar future