Falls and Fractures Lead Injury Among Seniors


Just as we try to protect and prevent injuries among our children on a daily basis, so do we try to take care of our parents when they begin to experiencing difficulty moving around. As careful as we are not taking away their independence, we know that they need a little bit of extra care and watching as their bones become more fragile with age. Broken bones resulting from falls and fractures can lead to major surgeries and life-threatening injury. What are some of the reasons that seniors fall into the category of falls and fractures, and what can be done to prevent an incident from happening?

While many seniors tend to stay inside the home, it comes as no surprise that most of the falls and fractures occur within the home: falls that happen when an object is in the walking path; falls that happen when something is spilled and not wiped up; falls that happen when a step is missed going up or down the stairs. Still other falls happen due to visual impairment, dizziness from medications and overall weakness and frailty. Some ways that seniors can stay alert and injury-free include:

  • Enlisting in an exercise class to strength aging bones
  • Subscribing to a medical alert service in case of injury
  • Clearing the pathway in the halls and stairs at all times
  • Replacing any poor lighting so that walkways, obstructions and spilled liquids are more easily seen
  • Moving and stretching to increase and maintain flexibility

As caring adults, we are not always available to monitor our parents; nor do they want us to be there at all times. We know that being overly attention impedes their independence and, just like taking away a drivers license, lack of independence is a sure sign of age. No one enjoys facing the aging process. Slips, falls and fractures can lead to bigger issues like surgery or the inability for the body to recover at all. Still other falls can lead to head injury, or death.

If your senior has been injured as a result of falling at the home of someone else or at public venue, there may be a case of personal injury if the fall could have been prevented. Be sure you have an attorney on your side who can handle your personal injury case with ease and confidence.

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