Drunk Driving: Buzzed Driving


“It’s just one beer. It’s been an hour since my last drink. I don’t feel drunk. I just have a little buzz.” If you spend much time with people who are drinking alcohol, you will hear these excuses and more when they ask for their keys. Don’t hand the keys over. Just because a person thinks they are safe to drive doesn’t mean they are.

There are good replies to each of these statements, and you should remember them for when you need them. Replies include:

  • Saying one beer is enough to significantly decrease reaction times if they claim they had just one beer
  • Responding that everyone processes alcohol at different rates, and the speed with which you process it is dependent upon outside factors such as temperature and what else you’ve had to eat and drink, when a person says it’s been an hour since their last drink
  • Pointing out that drinking alcohol inhibits our ability to tell how we feel when they say they don’t feel drunk
  • Informing them that even a little buzz means the alcohol is affecting the central nervous system when they say they just have a little buzz

Each year, thousands of people are injured and killed by “buzzed” drivers, people who think that just because they only had one or two drinks, it is safe for them to be on the road. In reality, the smallest bit of alcohol can delay reaction times enough to cause an otherwise preventable serious accident.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an accident, it is important that you seek out a qualified attorney as soon as possible. The police may or may not have done a blood alcohol test quickly enough to determine if the other driver was “buzzed,” and a good lawyer will help you track down witnesses to determine whether or not the person was in fact driving while impaired.

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