Drunk Driving and Six Pack Ends Six Lives


Sometimes it takes a truly terrible tragedy to remind people of the smaller tragedies that happen every day. One such tragedy occurred in Vallejo, California on June 19th, 2015, when a car swerved onto the sidewalk, striking six pedestrians, leaving one dead and more in critical condition.

The carnage sounds like something out of a horror movie, and it’s no surprise that police believe intoxication may have been a factor. The car was headed north when:

  • It suddenly careened into a bus stop, striking one pedestrian before
  • Continuing on the sidewalk for another fifty feet, striking a mother and her two children and then
  • Hitting two other pedestrians, striking them and dragging them under the vehicle until it came to a stop, killing one of them

Drunk drivers are responsible for thousands of deaths and serious injuries every year, but because these accidents are smaller, people don’t pay as much attention. It is only when a car strikes six pedestrians, or when an entire family is killed, that people actually notice the devastation that is occurring every day.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed by a drunk driver, you owe it to yourself and to your family to make sure that justice is pursued. Don’t let your story fade into the background. Stand up and make yourself heard, so other families don’t have to suffer. Finding the best way to get your story told and pursue meaningful change can be difficult, so please contact an experienced attorney to help you determine the proper steps to take.

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