Drowning Leads Cause of Death Among Children


Next to birth defects that are potentially fatal, drowning leads the list as the number one cause of death among children under the age of five, and includes mishaps such as swimming pool incidents and bathtub incidents. Turning your head away for just one second could mean all the difference between a healthy baby and one who end up with brain damage—or worse.

As parents we do not want to think about losing a child, and we do everything in our power to make sure that we are caring in all the right ways. We baby-proof and child-proof our homes. We install no-shock plugs and reposition our outlets to reduce the risk of electric shock. We put gates and fences around our pools and other bodies of water. We ensure that our babysitters are equipped and responsible, licensed and trustworthy. Yet, even in our best of efforts, their safety is overlooked. Bathtub accidents and injuries are sad and deadly. What can you do to prevent one from happening?

  • Never leave your child unattended in the bathtub, especially a child under the age of six.
  • Never fill the tub more than a few inches. That amount is sufficient for washing.
  • Hold on to your child if he or she wants to stand up in the tub.
  • Never put an older child in care of a younger one around any type of water.
  • Keep all electrical appliances out of the range of a bathtub; curious hands who want to reach and grab anything they see.
  • Pay attention! That means, no talking, testing or browsing.

Make sure your situation does not end up on the statistic list reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention when it comes to caring for your child. Be cautious and protective, for all involved.

If your child has been injured or died while in the hands of someone who was negligent, seeking the advice of a New York attorney will help you settle quickly and effectively.

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