Driver Responsibility in Car Accidents


For years researchers have noted data supporting the fact that women die at a higher rate than men in automobile accidents. Determining why has proved difficult, but a new study out of the University of Virginia may go a long way in explaining the discrepancy. The study, published in July of 2019, puts part of the blame on crash tests.

The study indicates a variety of potential problems with how crash tests are done that might combine to explain why women have such a higher rate of death. One of the most salient facts is that male dummies are at times used at a higher rate than female dummies. Male dummies are larger and heavier than their female counterparts, and basing safety considerations around those is likely to leave women at greater risk.

Another potential issue is that testers are using dummies that represent only average Americans, which fails to take into account the drastic differences in size between two people. Though the average woman may be approximately five feet tall and one-hundred and ten pounds, there are women who weigh that much at five foot five, and there are women who are five feet tall but weigh one-hundred and fifty or more pounds.

Until crash tests take into account all these potential variables, guaranteeing consistent safety profiles for men and women will be impossible. Still, these ratings do not absolve those who actually cause deadly accidents from responsibility. Though car manufacturers are failing to build vehicles that are equally safe for men and women, it is dangerous drivers who are causing the collisions.

If you or someone you love has suffered in a car accident, the process of making your case against the driver responsible can seem overwhelming. Please consider reaching out to an experienced attorney. A qualified lawyer can guide you through the difficult task of obtaining the information you need to make your claim.

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