Drinking and Driving: ‘Tis the Season to Be Aware


The holidays bring about all types of festive activities from holiday parties, to visiting family and friends, to flight and train travel, to annual milestone events and much, much more. With those holiday parties and festivities often comes celebrating in the form of drinking–excessively. Whether you are meeting up with friends at the local pub before or after shopping, or have a full-blown party to attend, here are some things to watch for so the festivities don’t get out of hand:

  • Always have a designated driver if you are going to be drinking.
  • Never bring an underage person to a party where alcohol will be served. And, never serve an underage person any alcoholic beverages.
  • Know your surroundings before you arrive at the party. The last thing you want is for you or your friend to be in an unfamiliar place with no cab ride in sight.
  • Never, ever get behind the wheel of someone who has been drinking or driving We hear this all the time–do we pay attention?
  • When at all possible, be the host of a party so you are not on the road drinking after many have been drinking.
  • If you have a designated driver, be insistent that the person is not texting or making phone calls while driving, thereby taking their eyes of the road at any time during the trip.
  • Drinking is not the only culprit–other drugs and inhalants can also cause impairment. Be sure your driver is not under the influence of any kind.
  • Never drink anything from a glass where you haven’t been able to see what has been poured inside of it.
  • Watch for reckless behavior from someone who has been drinking–the person who climbs on the roof, tosses others in the pool, or pushes people to start fight.

If you have been injured in a driving or other accident involving someone who has been drinking or has been impaired from other substances, you know that the situation could be complicated and lengthy when handling on your own. Enlisting someone who has a solid legal background and can help you with your case is your best bet.

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