Distractions on the Road High During Summer Travel Season


Every time we get on the road, we are putting our lives in the hands of strangers. There is little we can do but trust that other drivers aren’t drinking, or playing on their cell phones, or aren’t just in too much of a hurry to drive safely. The one thing we can do is make sure we are buying the right car to minimize the chances of something terrible happening.

There are three steps you should take when buying a car, whether buying used or new. Those steps are:

  • Educate: learn everything you can about the various factors that affect the safety of a vehicle, including crash ratings, braking systems, and seat belts
  • Research: identify the cars available in your price range, and then research those vehicles to determine their safety ratings
  • Test Drive: there is no substitute for taking the car for a spin to determine blind spots, proper fit of seat belts, maneuverability, and other factors that are specific to the driver

Vehicle safety should be your primary concern when buying a vehicle. Luxury cars are wonderful, but if they don’t meet your requirements for crash ratings or any other safety standard, you should move on.

Even in the safest vehicle, there is a chance for injury or even death if you are in an accident. Please, if you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, retain a qualified attorney. You’ve done your best to do everything right, so make sure those who are doing things wrong are held to account for their actions.

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