Distracted Driving: More Equal Than Others


Sometimes it seems that the same rules don’t apply to everyone. Most of us now understand the dangers of texting and driving. Most of us understand that distracted driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Most of know that for the public good we must put away our cell phones and other distractions, and that if we don’t we can get in a lot of trouble. Those are the rules, and we have to follow the rules. Everyone should have to follow the rules.

Unfortunately there are some places in the country where it seems some people don’t have to follow the rules. Sadly, the ones who don’t feel the need to follow the rules are the very people charged with enforcing them, as a series of crashes caused by distracted police have rocked various communities around the country. And of course, unlike the rest of us, many of these officers have not been ticketed or received summons to appear in court. Various cases include:

  • An August 2012 death that resulted in multiple deaths after a fire chief on his cell phone rear-ended a vehicle in San Bernardino
  • Two deaths in September 2012 when a deputy collided with another car while he selected music on his cell phone
  • Two cases in Middlesex County, New Jersey, including one in which the officer claimed to have been answering a call on his squad radio but was observed by witnesses that he was texting

These cases have become far too common, and it is difficult to convince people that distracted driving is so dangerous so long as our first responders continue to do it. If you or someone you love has been injured by a distracted driver, please contact an attorney. The only way to convince people of the seriousness of this issue is to hold the negligent to account.

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