Deck Collapses and Other Unexpected Mishaps When Visiting the Local Bar and Grille


Earlier in June in Miami, sports fans watching a Spurs v. Heat NBA Finals game were dumped in the water when a deck collapsed at their favorite local watering hole. In another instance, a fire breaks out at a popular nightclub and many are left fleeing from the danger. We take visits to the local neighborhood bar and grille for granted. We trust that their regulations are up to code and that the structure is sound. In the instance of the decking, the supporting beams collapsed; investigations are pending as to why the areas hadn’t been treated.

Mishaps among restaurants and bars are many, and have injured both employees and patrons in the process. Decks and patios are overloaded, creating a hazard for those on the deck or in the vicinity. Emergency exits are blocked, and occupancy restrictions are ignored. What happens if you are visiting one of your local favorites and you are injured as a result of faulty construction, or employee error?

The pressure for inspectors and construction workers to “get the job done” in a timely manner creates stress among those doing their jobs. Inspectors take the hit when they delay construction, both from the workers and from the owner of the building to ensure items are up to code. Sometimes they will “pass” a failing structure for the sake of moving forward to another job or inspection on their lists. Or, they will mark the areas as hazardous with instructions to have it fixed by a certain time frame, and the owner of the building will ignore the precautions due to budget or lack of regard for customers. It’s not something you want to think about when you go to an establishment to relax and take away the stressors of the day.

Determining whether or not the building was up to code will be challenging if the building owner is unwilling to cooperate, or makes himself absent from the situation. Medical bills can become increasingly difficult to pay if you have suffered long-term injuries or disability as a result of the fall or accident. It’s helpful if you have documentation and photographs to accompany you on your initial visit so that an accurate consultation and evaluation can be made as to the damages and compensation you deserve.

Working with a legal firm who has experience in this type of personal injury accident will help you move forward and find resolution. If you have been injured as a result of faulty construction or owner ignorance at a restaurant, bar or other establishment like a store, bank or office building, seeking assistance for compensation is easy when you trust the attorney or firm you have chosen. Our renowned firm is here to assist when you are ready.

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