Daycare Injuries: A Front for Illegal Activity?


There’s always at least a little bit of worry when we drop our children off at daycare. Though we have done everything we can to make sure the daycare is a safe place staffed by friendly and knowledgeable people, there is really no way to be certain that everything is actually on the up and up.

Stories like the one coming out of New York City don’t reassure us. Though families thought they were trusting responsible people with their children, a police investigation revealed the opposite was the case. Not only was the daycare inattentive to children’s needs, according to parents, but the owner’s son was dealing drugs out of the basement, according to police after a raid the morning of February 5th, 2015 yielded mountains of evidence.

Sadly, this is not the only case where a daycare has been used as a front for illegal activities. Other places with similar stories in just the last few years include:

  • Milwaukee, where a 2009 investigation revealed the daycare owners were selling marijuana
  • Memphis, where in 2010 a daycare allowed a drug dealer to meet potential clients at their business
  • The Bronx, where two daycares were used as a front for drug dealing in 2014
  • North Carolina, where most frightening of all a daycare was used to distribute child pornography through 2013

We would all like to believe that people open daycares because they genuinely care about children and want to help them, but this isn’t always the case. Some people see a daycare as an opportunity for easy money, planning to allow abuse and neglect to occur so long as it benefits the bottom line. Some see it as the perfect pleasant front for illegal activity. If your child or the child of someone you care about has been the victim of daycare abuse or neglect, please contact a qualified attorney to help you make sure no other children are abused.

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