Dangers in Your Home: Keeping Kids Safe


As our kids get older, we know we can’t keep our eyes on them every second of the day. They need to find their independence, and test the boundaries and limits that help them grow. We take general steps to make sure our home is safe, and that certain areas are off limits to little ones. But, what about chemicals and cleaning products found in the home such as sprays that come in colorful bottles or the laundry detergent pods that resemble candy? Since 2012, more than 16,000 children under age 6 have fallen ill due to eating the laundry pods that fit in a clothes washing machine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the Consumer Product Safety Commission have warned of the risk of these pods, and urge all parents to store them high and away where little ones won’t mistake them for something sweet and edible.

Other than putting objects and chemicals out of the reach of children, there are other safety precautions you can take to make sure little ones are safe and free from injury.

  • Install safety latches and safety gates at tops of stairs and in front of doors that lead to the outside.
  • Use anti-scald devices in the shower and sink if your children are old enough to start their own shower or bath water. These devices will prevent the water from reaching a certain temperature.
  • Window guards and safety netting will prevent kids from falling out a window, regardless of how high the window is. Even a fall of a few yards can severely injure a child.
  • Install anchors on furniture and appliances to prevent these pieces of furniture from tipping over. Many children have been seriously injured or crushed when an object falls on top of them.
  • Be sure that nothing resembles cookies or candies that little children will want to eat or put in their mouths.

We do our best to protect our children, and we can ensure their safety when they are in our home. But, what about when our kids are in the homes of others, when we cannot watch them every second of the day? We believe that they are in good care at the home of a friend or neighbor. If your child has been injured as a result of negligence at someone else’s home, or in your home while in the care of someone else, be sure to enlist the help of a New York law firm who is expert at handling personal injury cases.

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