Damages with Tractor-Trailer Accidents


What could have been an absolute catastrophe resulted in only two injuries after a tractor trailer crashed into three homes early in the morning of September 17, 2018. The incident took place on Staten Island at approximately 6 a.m. when the truck, carrying hundreds of gallons of diesel and other construction materials, drove off the road and crashed into the three buildings.

Thankfully the gasoline did not ignite, and firefighters and other emergency personnel were able to contain the scene quickly. Still, two of the houses were rendered temporarily unlivable by the incident, as significant damage was done to their walls. One house’s front steps were mostly destroyed, and the safety handrail was broken. If the crash had occurred later in the morning, people might have been killed.

The cause of the accident is yet to be determined, but tractor trailer accidents are associated with certain recurring issues, including:

  • Excessive speed, particularly when turning, as these large vehicles are difficult to steer
  • Improperly loaded or over-loaded trailers
  • Faulty mechanical parts

Neighbors in the area indicated that trucks often speed up and down the street, making them feel unsafe. Another common cause of truck accidents is drowsy driving, when a trucker has been going all night and is trying to squeeze in a few more miles, or when a trucker did not get enough rest and falls asleep at the wheel. The early morning hour of this accident could mean that driving while fatigued played a factor.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a tractor trailer accident, determining whether driver error, mechanical failure, or distracted or drowsy driving may have played a role is important. Please consider consulting with an experienced attorney regarding your case.

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