Chemical Burns and Salon Injuries


When we treat ourselves to a spa day or a spa experience, we do not often think we are in the hands of those who could cause harm. After all, those who are in the profession of making others look better will surely handle our needs with care and concern, right? In fact, customers at salons and spas have been affected by chemicals, burned from tanning beds, suffered skin abrasions from rough massages, endured skin cuts and punctures from tools used at manicures and pedicures, and more. We put ourselves in the hands of professionals who are expert with these tools and mixtures because doing so ourselves does not give us the results that we want. Do we take it too much for granted that they know what they are doing when, if fact, they may not have had proper training?

A woman at a hair salon suffered chemical burns to her scalp and neck when the hairdressers mixed a too-strong formula for gray coverage. Another woman suffered abrasions and bleeding to her feet from overuse of a cuticle and buffer tool by the pedicurist. And, still, a man who received a massage from a well-known spa in California suffered burns and abrasions to his back from the rough handling by the massage therapist. Is there a trend to why these people were injured, or are these rare instances? They are not rare.

We know from the many devices that keep us tuned in to the outside world—and tuned out of our daily lives—that people are distracted all the time. Salon workers talk to each other instead of the customers. Massage therapist try to find balance between too gentle and too rough. Salonists often talk to each other and pay very little attention to the manicure or pedicure, tasks they have done over and over. Is there a way to you can protect yourself, and just how concerned should you be? Here are some tips.

  • Always find out the reputation of the salon or service Check with the Better Business Bureau who may have reports or incidents for which those companies have been cited.
  • Stop the service immediately if you feel like you are being harmed or hurt. Many times, we sit through a service thinking what we feel is normal for that treatment. Nothing that pampers should hurt us in the end.
  • Report to management any injury you received such as a burnt scalp.
  • Take photographs of the injury.

Services that are meant to make us feel special should not injure or hurt us, yet we know the workers are distracted—or at times unknowledgeable—for the service for which they are involved. If you have suffered an injury at the hands of someone else who was doing you a personal service, you will want to enlist the advice and support of a New York Law Firm who can help you settle your case.

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