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A terrifying story out of Spokane, Washington reminds us how vulnerable we all are in the workplace. On August 13th, 2015, a crew was working at a recycling plant when a canister began emitting chlorine gas in large quantities. Observers noted a huge cloud in the air, and many who

Natural causes. That’s what all the death certificates stated as cause of death. But as the number of death certificates continued to mount, more and more questions were asked, and now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that perhaps the cause of death wasn’t natural after all. For the last

Businesses always assume new technology comes without side effects. No one paid much attention to radiation until Marie Curie suffered terribly from its effects. Companies ignored the dangers of lead in computer monitors until landfills and water supplies were poisoned. As far as the companies who created them were concerned,

The modern age has gifted us with hundreds of different chemicals, each with different purposes and safety instructions. Many of these chemicals are incredibly useful, which is why we are willing to risk using them despite their inherent dangers. Thankfully, manufacturers provide us with detailed information through MSDS sheets. Unfortunately,

When we treat ourselves to a spa day or a spa experience, we do not often think we are in the hands of those who could cause harm. After all, those who are in the profession of making others look better will surely handle our needs with care and concern,

What is so unique about a chemical or toxic spill? This type of incident happens all the time, even though we might not hear about it in the news. At home, you think you have your home repair or maintenance under control when working with pesticides or other chemicals. You

In a rare case of on-the-job hazardous conditions and work clothing requirements, a machinist in an industrial plant blamed his ailments on a severe blister caused by wearing steel-toed boots required for his job. Because he was required to wear the boots he filed worker’s compensation for this injury. The

A party who claims injury through the neglect of another must institute suit within the period prescribed by law or be barred by the applicable statute of limitations. What is a statute of limitations and why does it exist in American law? Essentially, each right that is denied or infringed

The cases that require expert scientific support are quite common in the personal injury field. Take for example a typical medical malpractice case in which the plaintiff claims that Dr. “X” through his negligence caused injury “Y”. Typically, and at least thirty days prior to trial, plaintiff must, in accordance