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A nursing home in Hartford, Connecticut is one of many being fined for mistreatment of patients or violation of rules. The fine was levied after the facility moved a patient without notifying her spouse. The patient’s husband had protested the move because the new facility was too far away for

The Investigative Reporters and Editors competition is a prestigious award for journalists who delve into topics that many people just want to ignore. This year, reporters for Penn Live won the award for their 2016 investigation into nursing home injuries and deaths in the state of Pennsylvania. The six-part investigation

Never ask questions. That seems to be the belief of many nursing homes across the country. Nursing homes have always had a vast arsenal of weapons to keep families from registering their complaints, first and foremost the threat of kicking the elderly individual out on the streets. But now nursing

There’s only one good reason to get involved in providing care at your job: that is you are a caring person. There are other ways to make money. If your primary motivation isn’t taking care of those in need, then you probably won’t do a very good job. Medical negligence

It can be a heavy emotional burden when we are finally forced to put a family member into a nursing home. Oftentimes we make this tough choice because we are no longer able to provide the necessary care. Accepting our own limitations can be exceptionally hard, but it is something

If someone you know resides in a professional care facility, or if you find yourself in a position of locating a new home for Mom, it is important to be aware of the basics regarding legality and responsibility of care giving, and the signs and symptoms of abuse toward the