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When making the difficult decision of what to do with an aging loved one, we do not just place the person we care about in a long-term care facility, we also place our trust in that facility. We take it for granted that the staff will be properly trained and

An Oswego nursing home is in the news for failing to seek proper care for patients suffering from emergent conditions, resulting in at least two deaths. Though this facility is attracting the attention, these types of situations occur statewide, and residents are the ones who suffer due to these delays.

The nursing home crisis in New York State continues to rage on, with more and more facilities being shut down or fined due to egregious mistakes. One particularly harrowing story regarding an elderly care facility in Buffalo attracted the attention of CMS (Center for Medicaid Services), which fined the organization

Candida auris has finally made the big time, receiving front page treatment from the New York Times after a Brooklyn man died from the fungal infection and his hospital room was completely blanketed with the dangerous microbes. Dealing with C. auris is extremely difficult as the fungus is highly resistant

Sodus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has been the focus of a number of recent exposes chronicling deplorable levels of abuse and neglect in the New York City facility. Investigations have revealed bed-bound patients left in their own filth for hours along with a litany of other health and safety violations,

Understaffing is a major problem in nursing homes across the country, and has generated dozens of family complaints across the state of New York in just the last few months. Understaffing allows the owners of elderly care facilities to generate greater profits, as money that should be used to pay

Federal guidelines for nursing home staffing fail to mandate minimum levels necessary for safety, leading to a rash of falls and other injuries due to failure to answer call lights or monitor at-risk patients. Across the country, people who need care in nursing homes are falling or suffering significant injury