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The story plays out the same way again and again. No one pays much attention to bicycle safety until a cyclist is struck by a car and either badly injured or killed. The local media finally brings attention to the dangers of being a bicyclist surrounded by massive automobiles, and

Being pretty is no protection. Some people seem to lead charmed lives, as if nothing can ever go wrong for them. They are rich and attractive. They have good jobs and wonderful friends. They have beautiful spouses and take wonderful vacations around the world. But none of these things offer

Riding a bicycle is an exuberant activity that all ages can enjoy. Schoolchildren ride bikes to get to and from school and visit friends. College students tool around campus to get to and from class and to their dorms or apartments. Families enjoy riding bikes together on warm, spring days.

A California town sponsored a Ride of Silence bicycling event, and recently honored a 12-year old who was killed in September 2012 while riding her bike on a busy street. Hailey Ratliff was killed when a commercial truck driver made a hasty decision to avoid upcoming construction and turned in