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Major accidents at major theme parks get major press attention, but the majority of injuries at amusement parks come at much smaller establishments. Local miniature golf arenas often offer other attractions in addition to the mini golf course, attractions such as video games, laser tag, and go karts. Many of

Every year it seems like Halloween becomes more and more popular, reaching the point where stores devote as much space to Halloween costumes and decorations as they do for Christmas. Costume stores open in many communities for just a few months each year, as Americans spend millions on materials that

The Bryan Stow verdict in Los Angeles was a huge victory for common sense. For years, businesses of all type have tried to maintain that they hold no responsibility for what happens in their parking lots. These are usually minor issues, such as shopping carts dinging cars and fender-bender accidents

It could have been worse. That’s what we all keep telling ourselves. It could have been much worse. It could have been nearly any other ride at the park, and people might have died. But just because it could have been worse doesn’t mean that it’s okay to display such

Hot-air balloon rides offer an exhilarating experience. Passengers can feel turbulence as the burners and air currents carry the balloons aloft. Balloons can climb more than 1,000 feet as passengers absorb stunning views of valleys, cityscapes, farmlands and mountains. For instance, a passenger in Yuba City, Calif., can see Mt.

Many of us have fond memories from our youth of visiting amusement parks and carnival rides at county fairs. Roller coasters and other rides provided quick, exuberant thrills in which passengers yelled and shrieked as they clung to their seats. High school graduates over the years reminisce about visiting Disneyland

Amusement parks are in the news lately, and sadly, not because of positive news. Earlier in the summer we heard of a woman who fell to her death from a roller coaster at a Texas amusement park. Even more recently, we heard of two boys who suffered neck wounds on

Over the past weekend a woman fell to her death from a roller coaster a a well-known amusement park in Texas. It’s estimated that close to eight million visitors and tourists frequent theme parks and amusement parks in the United States annually. Many of the visits occur during in the