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Fifty years ago, decorating for Halloween was not the all-encompassing activity it has become now for many Americans. Decorations existed and were purchasable at stores, but the sheer number of electronic and large-scale ghosts and witches just didn’t exist. More and more real estate is given over to these accouterments,

Five Michigan teenagers, ranging in age from 15-17, are facing significant charges after a man was killed by rocks they were dropping off a highway overpass. The teens insisted it was all intended as a prank, but the local District Attorney is not interested in their excuses. They caused a

A Canton, Ohio teenager is dead after a skateboarding accident on October 3rd, 2017. The 16-year-old was hanging out with friends, holding onto a car while riding his board, when something went wrong. He fell and struck his head. The young man was not wearing a helmet at the time

At least one woman is seriously injured after a Humvee plowed into a crowd at a Long Island Food Festival. The incident took place on September 23rd, 2017, when a display vehicle slipped a gear and ran into a group of people who had gathered at the Long Island Bacon

It gets really old, really fast. Whenever anything goes wrong, whenever anybody is seriously hurt or killed, some people want to call whatever happened a “freak accident.” There is something appealing about this, because if it’s a freak accident no one has to worry about it happening to them. A

When Gretchen Seth was struck by a car during the Sea & Sky Spectacular Air Show at the Beaches, she did everything right. According to WJCT news, she spoke with the sheriff’s officer who arrived at the scene, and she didn’t have any harsh words with the woman driving the

It is always bad to get hurt. Not only do we feel pain and need time to heal, taking us away from things we enjoy, but most bad injuries leave some kind of scar. These scars remain, reminding us of the terrible thing we endured, adding psychological pain to the

Whenever we see a terrible accident on the news or read about it in the paper, our thoughts go out to those who were badly injured. We tend to dwell on the physical aspects of these tragedies, because we can imagine what it would be like to suffer a terrible