Car Accidents: Selfie-Centered


We tend to assume that everyone is capable of empathy, and so we are surprised to learn otherwise. The recent gas explosion in New York City has drawn attention to an ongoing problem, a clear demonstration that not everyone is capable of putting themselves in another’s shoes and feeling bad for their misfortune.

In the hours after the March 28th, 2015 gas explosion that left many people dead and injured, large crowds flocked to the area. Most of those people were there to express their condolences and offer strength to the survivors. But some were there for another, more terrible reason, to take pictures of themselves at the scene of the accident.

These so-called “scene of the accident” selfies are nothing new, though this is one of the first times they have hit the national news. A shocking number of people who caused car accidents have taken pictures of themselves with the wreckage, a clear indication they feel no remorse for causing pain and suffering to others.

Some of the locations where people have taken “scene of the accident” selfies include:

  • At fatal accident sites
  • At the locations of school shootings and other mass murders
  • Pictures and videos of themselves or their friends attacking others

When we are injured in a car accident, we like to assume that the person who caused our injury feels bad for what they did. Unfortunately, that often isn’t the case. If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, it is important that you contact an attorney as quickly as you can. Over time, stories change and evidence gets misplaced, and it is important you consult a professional immediately.

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