Businesses Must Be Aware of Black Friday Risks


Different businesses handle Thanksgiving weekend retail in different ways. Some businesses are opening their doors on the evening of the holiday itself, trying to lure in customers before budgets have been busted by midnight openings elsewhere. Others wait until midnight on Black Friday, and still others simply maintain their regular hours.

One place where businesses should not differ is in taking safety seriously. Whether opening on Thanksgiving itself or waiting until the next day, businesses offering great deals can expect a deluge of people within a few moments of opening their doors. People flood in and, if not managed properly, will create chaos, sometimes even fighting over particularly in-demand items.

Luckily, there are precautions retail environments can take to minimize the risk of an incident occurring, including:

  • Having well-established and well-ordered lines
  • Allowing a certain number of people in, and then allowing more in as some customers leave
  • Arranging the store to minimize the risk of bottlenecks
  • Handing out tickets or vouchers to people in line entitling them to their desired deals, to minimize the risk of fights or crowds of people jockeying for position

When Black Friday first became popular, it was almost excusable that businesses were not prepared. Now, enough years have elapsed for retailers to develop appropriate methods of keeping their customers safe during the shopping season. Great prices are only a small part of being a great company. Customer safety and happiness is more important.

If you or someone you love has been injured at a store of other business, and you believe that the company failed to properly address potential safety concerns, it is important to reach out to a lawyer. A qualified attorney can not only help you make your case, but can help ensure that other people are not injured unnecessarily.

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