Brain Injury and Head Trauma


Accidents of all kinds account for an enormous number of brain injuries and head trauma annually. Head injuries in any form are dangerous and potentially fatal, and fully devastating for all involved. Recovering from a brain injury could be next to impossible, as traumatic brain injuries still cause researchers and doctors to remain puzzled about certain operations involving the brain.

Brain injuries occur when impact is made to the head, whether by a fall or from a blow to the head such as in a fight, head-on collision, or something falling from above the person. Head injuries can be minor such as a slight bump to the head, or could be more serious involving a concussion or crack to the skull that may be initially undetected. No matter what the cause, a head injury is not an injury to be taken lightly and anyone who has suffered a blow to the head should seek immediate attention at the nearest emergency facility.

Head injuries and brain trauma have forever propelled research about what makes the brain work. Traumatic brain injury is especially puzzling; we still are unsure how certain parts of the brain work and how some parts are affected when trauma occurs. What may seem undetectable often shows up later in the form of delayed speech, lazy eye, lack of reasoning where reasoning had been normal before, and many other symptoms that signal that something is just ‘not right’.

Accidents around the home account for head trauma and brain injury just from simple tasks that are done routinely. Falls from ladders, even if the fall is only a few feet from the ground, can cause an impact to the head that results in a concussion or other contusion. Slipping on the floor can make someone reel backwards and cause a bump on the head severe enough to cause temporary or permanent impairment. Falling objects from a shelf can fall on someone’s head and cause a impact severe enough to warrant emergency care.

If you have suffered a head injury or know someone who has, there are several factors to the investigation that will take time and patience. A Manhattan attorney can assist you with your case so you do not have to worry about how to move forward with settling this critical matter.