Bomb Threats and Scares: What You Can Do to Protect Yourself


A sad reality in today’s world is that we have to think of events like bomb scares and terrorist threats disrupting mainstream society: events that range from the Boston Marathon bombing, to threats that target places we frequent. Bomb threats are scary and cause many of us to avoid those places we enjoy. What can be done if you receive a bomb threat over the phone, or are involved in the evacuation of a building where a bomb threat occurred?

There are a few things to be aware of when you are at an airport, a mall, or in traffic: be alert for suspicious vehicles and packages that are left unattended. We hear this warning most often when we are at airports, as security agents ask us if we packed our own bags, or were given packages by anyone. These rules should stay true in your everyday commutes also. Be aware of packages left unattended, of strangers asking about security procedures, or of boxes and bags that look suspicious, and of vehicles that are lurking, following or stalking.

When you do encounter an unattended bag or package, the first rule of thumb is to alert authorities. Whatever you do, do not touch the package. Turn off your cell phone and use a landline when contacting authorities or security in that area. Many electronic devices have the potential of activating a trigger that could set off a bomb. If you are in a building where a bomb is suspected, the first rule of thumb here is to remain calm. Know that authorities have already been contacted and are doing their best to resolve the situation of panic and mayhem. Do as you’re instructed to stay away from the area, and never run back into the building because you may have forgotten something. That item is not worth a potential life loss.

If you are in a building and answer a phone where you receive a bomb threat, a few rules of thumb apply here also. Always remain calm and avoid interrupting the caller. You can be sure you can recall and relay details when you are questioned by authorities. If possible, keep the caller on the line as long as you can so that authorities can work toward tracking the call. Be sure to signal someone nearly to have them call emergency and advise them (via hand signal or writing) to stay calm also.

Bomb threats are not to be taken lightly. We have seen what happens in extreme cases, and our best hope is that you can avoid that situation. If you have been injured in a bombing or know of someone who has been injured or lost a life due to a bombing, federal authorities may not be the only ones involved in an intricate investigation involving this type of terrorism. Enlisting the support and counsel of a New York attorney who can handle your personal injury case with confidence and ease is your first best bet to staying safe today.

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