Are There Dangers with Piercings or Tattoos?


Since the beginning of time, people have expressed their individuality through artistic piercings and tattoos. The more intriguing the better, as each addition gives more of a glimpse of the person wearing the embellishment. There’s no concern for injury here, right? Well, you may want to think again if you are considering a piercing or tattoo for the first time – or even if you want to be aware of what may happen if you continue adding to your collection.

In Britain, a woman claimant was awarded several millions when she obtained a scar to her shoulder after a procedure done on her by a tattoo artist. She indicated the needle had gone too deep onto her skin and caused permanent damage. In other cases, inexperience of the tattoo artist or piercing expert could come into play. There is nothing wrong with showing off a great tattoo or piercing, but here are some things to watch if you are planning to add to one, or try one for the first time. There are ways to staying injury and disease free.

  • Make sure the person piercing or tattooing has sterilized needles and separate ink posts.
  • Is the artist using safety gloves?
  • Does the location look clean and free from clutter, debris and dust?
  • Are sterilization procedures being used?
  • Did the artist ask you about any medical conditions, reactions or allergies?
  • Are health certificates prominently displayed?
  • Is the artist distracted, or otherwise not paying the attention to the task at hand?
  • Are hands being washed, thoroughly and frequently?

While proving negligence regarding a tattoo or piercing can be difficult, particularly if you, as customer, gave consent, you may have a case if you are able to prove that you did suffer physical harm, permanent damages or injury as a result of someone else’s actions. There are some unspoken obligations that a tattoo artist should not make a “mess” of your tattoo, and in doing so may have possibly breach a contract of what was expected if the procedure goes awry. If it costs you money to later “fix” a botched tattoo, you may have a claim against that person to receive compensation. If you can prove that you took reasonable care and still had an issue, you may have a case.

While these and other incidents can occur as a result of negligence, it’s best to put your case in the hands of a capable attorney who can help you settle any type of personal injury or negligence case, quickly and effectively.