Bicycle Accidents: Known But Not Acted Upon


The story plays out the same way again and again. No one pays much attention to bicycle safety until a cyclist is struck by a car and either badly injured or killed. The local media finally brings attention to the dangers of being a bicyclist surrounded by massive automobiles, and city councils or state governments move to change laws to make things safer. But by the time the new law comes up for a vote, everyone has forgotten about the terrible tragedy, and nothing ever changes.

There tragedies happen all over America, from small towns in Arizona to major metropolitan areas like New York and Boston. There are no national standards to guarantee the safety of bicyclists on the road, even though there are guidelines that are understood to drastically decrease the chances of an awful accident. These recommendations include:

  • Separate lanes for bicyclists
  • Laws requiring motorists to give bicyclists at least three feet of space when passing
  • Laws requiring helmets and use of other safety equipment, including reflectors and vests
  • Requiring city crews to clear debris and other obstacles that hinder bicyclists or cause cars and bicycles to need to swerve

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, you know all too well how little actually changes to make the streets safe for those on bicycles. The next time you ride and are nearly sideswiped by a car, you remember that nothing ever seems to get done. Municipalities can be very slow moving, and there is always pressure on lawmakers not to make these necessary and lifesaving changes because they are inconvenient. Please contact an attorney and do the one thing you can do, seek compensation to help you provide the necessary care for your loved one who was injured.