Back to School: A Playground for Accidents and Injuries


School bells have either already rung or will ring soon for millions of children across America. As summer break draws to a close, children will be returning to their schools, or attending new schools entirely. Sending your child off to school is difficult for any parent, but it is especially difficult when your child is going to a new school. You don’t know the faculty, you don’t know the school layout, you don’t know much of anything about the people and place you are trusting with your kid’s safety.

As a parent, the best thing you can do is get to know those people and places. Please, as soon as you can:

  • Take a tour of the school, including your child’s classroom, paying careful attention to any particular safety hazards
  • Meet with your child’s teachers and try to meet the principal to get a good feel for the people your child will be encountering on a day to day basis
  • If your child will ride the bus, meet the driver and tour the bus to make sure there are no obvious safety issues
  • Join the PTA or other parent group, time permitting

It is best to do everything within your power to minimize the chances of something terrible happening to your child. But even if you do everything you can, bad things still sometimes happen. Sometimes those things are simply accidents, and sometimes there was negligence on the part of the school.

If your child has been injured in a school accident, be it a school bus accident or any injury that occurs on school property, please contact a qualified attorney. Only an experienced lawyer can help you determine whether or not the school’s negligence was responsible for your child’s injury, and can guide you through the difficult process of seeking justice for your child.

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