Avoiding Car Accidents: Tips from New York Law Firm


Motor vehicle accidents remain one of the leading causes of death and injury in the United States. Often it’s easy to see why so many accidents occur as distractions on the road are even greater than ever. We know the rules, we enroll in classes, we try to drive defensively and, most of the time, we’re stay in pretty good shape unharmed. Avoiding a car accident takes very little effort when you keep some basic rules in mind.

Let’s forget the distractions for a minute and focus on the safe practices and common rules of the road. Sharing with your teen and loved ones might even save their lives, as well.

  • Pay attention! Keep your eyes on the road and focus on what’s at hand. There is always time later to answer a text, return a phone call, or enjoy the scenery.
  • Use your car for travelling—not for eating! Eating is an often-overlooked distraction, but takes our eyes of the road when we need to find a place to put our cups, arrange our fries, and maneuver one-handed noshing. Food is meant to be enjoyed–do it in a space other than your car.
  • Be patient and stay calm! Drivers of all kinds are annoying to us–we are in a hurry as they are, and our patience often wares thin when travelling from one place to the next. Lines are long, traffic is thick, and other drivers pay less attention. When this happens, use the time in your car for taking a few deep breaths, settling in, and just absorbing and assessing the situation. Time will go by quicker and you may remove yourself from a potential accident in the long run.
  • Get some rest! You might be asking what this has to do with driving, but driver fatigue is another major cause of accidents nationwide, as we try to make it to our destinations sooner than later. Fatigue and lack of sleep also means we’re less alert, easily distracted, and not fully focused. Take care of yourself by making sure you’re on the ball when you’re behind the wheel.

We can’t prevent every accident from occurring, but we can make sure that we take care of ourselves so that we think clearly and remain calm when situations present themselves. If you have bee involved in a car accident, the other driver may not have been so conscientious. Discuss your case with a New York attorney who can advise you on your best course of action.

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