An App to Prevent Drunk Driving


Since their creation, cell phones have been associated with increasing the likelihood of a car accident occurring. Even now, decades after their first appearance, cell phones are a nuisance on the roads. Texting and driving is a scourge on society, injuring and killing thousands of people a year. But a new app for iPhones and Android devices could actually help prevent accidents.

This new app, called SaferRide, allows people who are intoxicated to easily summon a taxi cab, make a phone call, or learn where they are. The app has only three buttons, all large and easily pushed. The buttons are:

  • Get Taxi, which quickly takes you to phone numbers for various taxi companies
  • Call Friend, which allows you to call a previously selected list of friends to come and get you
  • Where Am I?, which tells you your location so you can tell the taxi or friend who is coming to pick you up just where you are

The app developers are hoping that simplifying the process of calling for a ride will lead to more people calling cabs and friends instead of driving drunk. The app is too new to begin to judge its success rate, but if it keeps even one drunk driver off the road, it has done a public service.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed by a drunk driver, apps like this can make it even more difficult to cope. Knowing there was something the person could have easily done to get where they were going without putting others at risk is truly sobering. Please contact a qualified attorney to help you obtain the financial compensation that you deserve.

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