Alternate Plans for Daycare: What To Do When You Have No Choice


The summertime brings varying routines for parents and children. When school is out, and daycares and kid camps are utilized, parents are often forced to make choices that alter a regular schedule. This might mean quickly finding a daycare to accommodate your child’s summer schedule. You may not have time to fully investigate before you enroll. In a rare case in Canada, a daycare center was investigated when reports of children being taped to cots for not behaving surfaced in the media and among other parents. While this may seem extreme, it’s not uncommon for daycare workers to lose their cool and strike out at innocent kids.

With day camps and daycare centers filling to capacity during summer months, it’s no surprise that the workers often take on more than they can chew. These conditions, however, should serve as an alert for parents who have to modify their routines by placing kids at camps and daycare during the summer months. Before you enroll your kids in summer camp or summer daycare centers, you should do your homework to ensure that the care will be the best for your child in your absence. Here are some signs that may alert you to suspicions of abuse or improper care:

  • If your child is suddenly quiet and reserved, when he or she generally exhibits a bubbly personality.
  • If your child can’t explain any scrapes or bruises.
  • If the camp counselor or daycare center attendant is reluctant to provide information about cuts and bruises on your child.
  • If you hear any reports from other parents about odd forms of punishment, no matter how “insignificant” they may seem at the time.
  • If your child gives you information about untraditional forms of discipline that he or she has witnessed.

Proving daycare abuse and neglect can be complicated, particularly if you are the only one who is claiming the abuse. If you suspect any type of abuse has occurred at the daycare center involving your own child or other children who attend the center, reporting to authorities is your first step. Photos and documentation of your child or conditions are helpful materials to have on hand during your initial consultation with your New York attorney who can assist you in your case.

Sometimes our choices are limited when it comes to alternate plans of daycare for our children. Knowing signs of inadequate care may prevent a situation from occurring, and could protect your child and others at the care center.