A New Distraction for Drivers


Distracted driving continues to become more and more commonplace across the United States. Each year, more and more drivers are receiving citations for this extremely dangerous activity, but the increased police focus on this issue doesn’t seem to be having the desired effect of decreasing the behavior.

In fact, the behavior is only becoming more prevalent. It is rare to go on a drive of more than a few miles without seeing at least one instance of distracted driving. At least once a week, you’ll see a car start to veer off the road because the driver isn’t paying attention. Despite the obvious danger, distracted driving is on the rise.

Certain distractions are more common for drivers than others. The most common forms of distracted driving include:

  • Talking on a cell phone
  • Texting or reading texts
  • Using a GPS that isn’t hands-free
  • Teen drivers distracted by friends

These types of behaviors are extremely troubling, and are very preventable. Americans must adopt a no-nonsense, zero tolerance policy. Too many people are badly injured and killed every year, and this won’t stop until people who take part in this dangerous behavior are held accountable.

As it is, people are taking these behaviors to extremes rather than decreasing them. The newest case, out of Detroit, Michigan, shows just how out of hand things can get if there are not suitable deterrents. A 58 year old man was killed on January 24th, 2016, in a single car accident. Upon investigation, police determined the man had been watching adult material in the car, and that he wasn’t wearing pants.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, there is a reasonable likelihood that distracted driving played a part. Oftentimes the police fail to properly follow through on their investigation, leaving it up to you to make sure the guilty party is held responsible. Please contact a qualified attorney who can help you make your case.

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