Year: 2013


Are you a thrill seeker, the kind of athlete who thrives on the danger of trying a new sport? Sports like hang gliding, windsurfing, bungee jumping, motocross and ski sports are not for the faint at heart. Many of us would rather watch the Olympics or the X-Games than be

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) results from an internal injury to the brain caused by some sort of trauma when an object hits the head with significant force, or when someone is affected by an extreme sound such as an explosion. It can be hard to predict or determine the

You’ve packed your bags, brought the proper attire for dinner at the Captain’s table, and scouted out which ports you’ll visit. Does this sound familiar? The upcoming spring marks the start of the cruise-travelling season. It’s estimated that a whopping ten million people cruise from the United States each year,

Lisinopril, statins, various birth control and fertility drugs. The list goes on. Do these sound familiar to you? We take the advice of our doctor who prescribes these and other drugs after our annual check up. We renew the prescription every time and don’t pay much attention to the warnings