Year: 2012


We see the stories in the headlines every year around the holidays. Someone is injured at home decorating the tree, or returns from a well-deserved vacation and finds damage to their home from fire or water. When an accident happens involving the home, who is at fault? The manufacturer of

The holidays are here and theft is on the minds of many thieves, including some who use extreme measures to break and enter into a home and overcome the owner at all costs to get what they came for, or to steal what money they can quickly access. We’ve all

The outdoor pond beckons you again this year, inviting you to take the day off and enjoy the winter surroundings. Year after year, you look forward to seasonal activities like skating, ice-fishing and walking along the perimeter of the pond. You’ve lived in the same place for years, after all,

‘Tis the season of giving, and many of us have gifts for small children on our holiday shopping lists. We often bring those same children shopping with us as we rush from store to store, and aisle to aisle within the store. We load up the shopping cart to a

A 26 year old, together with his 26 year old girlfriend spent hours drinking at a popular bar in Southwest Florida. At around midnight they left the bar as he staggered to the parking valet outside, and produced his valet ticket. Despite his appearing visibly intoxicated (Staggering, slurred speech, blood

The company holiday party is just around the corner, and everyone has worked hard for the opportunity to relax and show their casual sides. Co-workers want to know: Will someone spike the punch again? Will inhibitions likely surface due to alcohol consumption? Will someone take a spill on the dance

You’ve been waiting all year for the perfect holiday vacation for the family. The tickets were purchased months ago, you arranged for time off from work, and the kids will be on winter break. What could go wrong? According to the World Health Organization, injuries while travelling are among the

“Mom! Jessie has a trampoline, everyone’s going over to his house! He’s the most popular kid in our class! Can I go? Can I get one, too? I want everyone to come to my house! Please??” Does this sound familiar? If you’re a parent of a teenager or younger child,

If someone you know resides in a professional care facility, or if you find yourself in a position of locating a new home for Mom, it is important to be aware of the basics regarding legality and responsibility of care giving, and the signs and symptoms of abuse toward the

Everyday millions of individuals in the New York metropolitan area use public transportation such as buses, subways, or the railways. Fortunately, these methods of transportation are considered safe and, with few exceptions, most riders arrive at their destinations without incident. However, in those instances where a passenger is either injured