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Toxic Chemical Leak Lawyer

Toxic chemicals are leaking into the air we breathe

Toxic chemicals are leaking into the air we breathe and water we drink each day due to the negligence of chemical manufacturers and chemical storage facilities. Tanks buried underground are rusting releasing toxins into the ground that migrate into drinking supply. Chemical plants often release dangerous chemicals into the environment due to their failure to have proper safeguards in place.

Thousands are killed or seriously injured each year from chemical leaks

There are over 70,000 chemicals commercially produced in the United States today. Many chemicals are harmful even in low doses and constant exposure to low levels can cause multi-system dysfunction.

Someone suffering from chemical toxicity, a general term used to indicate adverse effects produced by poisons, usually presents with multi-system complaints depending on the tissues or organs involved, the pharmacological nature of the exposure, the susceptibility of the exposed person, and the presence of other body stressors.

Toxic Chemical Exposure affects the entire body

Signs and symptoms of toxic chemical exposure can cause dysfunction of the central nervous system resulting in headache, chronic fatigue, poor short term memory, hyperactivity, and increased appetite leading to food cravings and overeating. Respiratory complaints include adult onset "asthma", shortness of breath, and fibrotic lung disease. Heart palpitations and dysrhythmias herald severe cardiac dysfunction. Abdominal bloating, constipation, and multiple food intolerances signal gastrointestinal involvement.

Often Raynaud's-type vascular constriction resulting in cold hands and feet, easy bruising, or phlebitis signal chemically- induced peripheral vascular disease. Arthritis and myalgias indicate musculoskeletal involvement. Recurrent, sterile urinary tract inflammation, auto-immune endocrine involvement, and peripheral nerve weakness, paresthesias, and sensory deficits are also found. In fact, the hallmark of chemical sensitivity is that patients present with multisystem disease. This is because, once the chemicals enter the body, they enter the bloodstream and circulate to all parts of the body, even the brain.

Legal Help for Victims of Toxic Chemical Leaks

If you or someone you love were impacted by a toxic chemical leak, contact the Finz firm now to explore the legal remedies available to you. The attorneys at the Finz firm can help you seek justice in recovering your rightful compensation. Contact the toxic chemical leak attorneys at the Finz firm by completing the Free Case Evaluation form or call toll free (855) TOP-FIRM.

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