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Client Testimonial from Jose Humareda

I just wanna say congratulations about the case. You won and us too! Thank God and to you and your team. You and your team work very hard. I have no words to describe how I feel. It is a deep emotion of happiness and joy.

I think my husband deserved it. He was a good employee, loyal, and hard worker. He loved his job because he never ever had a job with benefits so always he tried to do his best. He didn't care about the hours he worked, he worked more than 8 hours. He usually worked ten or twelve hours but he didn't care, he had to clean empty apartments, bathrooms, cabinets, kitchen but the most important thing is that he wanted to have under control the trash. He had to take out the trash of 17 floors, almost 300 hundred tenants, only one compactor machine. It was a huge amount of trash every day. It was hard but he needed to work to survive, send money to his family and for education of his kids so he didn't care that it was hard. He was happy doing what he was doing. He left everything clean, shiny, bright floors, elevators, windows, mirrors and smells good everywhere. He never had any complaints from tenants neither from his boss.

Big boss and tenants knew how hard Jose worked. He was appreciated and Jose felt happy. He always followed the way that Silvester showed him how to take out the trash until the tragic accident and it totally changed our lives in seconds. Our plans changed. My husband almost died. You can't imagine how much my kids and me suffered so much. We lived in pain day by day because my husband couldn't sleep well. He screamed because of the pain and nightmares. He had eleven surgeries. Now he is suffering the consequences for that terrible accident. He is still in pain not only for his right arm and hand also he feels pain on both legs. Before the accident he was healthy and strong and I know he will never recover totally. I think that there's not enough money to get his life back like before but we try to do the best in our life together with my boys. You know there were too many mistakes of the management and they blamed my husband.

Thank God it is a country where laws and justice exist and finally my husband got justice. First of all I wanna say thanks to God. Thank you so much Mr. Finz. You did it. Unbelievable you did it. That's the result of your very hard work.

We'll never  forget the trial. You presented  witnesses who gave an expert opinions. You gave strong arguments, evidences and passionate speech. Finally you convinced the jury with the truth, just the truth. It was so impressive, since the beginning until the end everything was perfect. You're really so dedicated to your job.

You're terrific and smart lawyers. I was honored that you represented me. We've never ever known professionals like you, simple person with big sense of understanding. We really have no words to express our feelings so we'll keep you in our mind forever and I think the members of the jury who were involved in this trial recognized that you did good job, not just them but everybody because they looked at you with great interest.

I'm really sure God appointed me to you. I ask God to give you many blessings to you and your family. 

- Jose Humareda

Related Result: $14,768,000.00 - Verdict

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