$500,000 Settlement Image

$500,000 Settlement

A 22-year-old woman had been suffering with preeclampsia during her pregnancy when she went into labor on Christmas Eve. As our client’s labor was not progressing, her blood pressure began to rise even higher. It was claimed that the hospital staff in the delivery room inadequately monitored her condition and delayed in performing a C-section. The lawyers for the doctors argued that there was no liability on behalf of the doctors in that there was no indication to perform a C-section, and that the care given to the mother was in accordance with medical standards. The attorneys at the Finz firm strongly argued with defense council that the boy’s injury was a result of the negligence of the doctors in charge of the care of both the mother and baby. Although this was a hotly contested case, with the Finz firm’s perseverance and tough negotiation, a settlement was reached in the sum of $500,000. 

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