$4,700,000 Settlement Image

$4,700,000 Settlement

While shopping at a large warehouse type store, a carton was dislodged from an upper shelf causing it to strike against the ankle of a 24 year old female. As a result of the impact, although she sustained no fracture, she suffered an injury described as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD).

Although the medical profession is still learning about this medical entity, it is recognized as a very disabling and painful neurological injury that requires intensive physical therapy, and one which in most situations, is permanent. One of the unfortunate aspects of the case, was that the young lady was a trained ice-skater who had been a top contestant in many amateur competitions.

Having had a disagreement with her prior attorney, she discharged him, searched us out, and retained our firm to continue on with her claim. The settlement figure was in the top range of a difficult RSD case.

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