$2,300,000 Settlement Image

$2,300,000 Settlement

After being diagnosed with uterine cancer, our client had a total hysterectomy in order to remove the cancerous tumor. Following the surgery and chemotherapy treatment, she began to experience symptoms of menopause and was prescribed estrogen to relieve the pain and discomfort. Her doctor, however, failed to perform a vital test on the cancerous tumor tissue to ensure it was safe for our client to be taking estrogen. Instead of helping, the estrogen caused remaining cancerous microcells in her body to grow at an accelerated rate, which proved to be fatal. The attorneys at the Finz firm argued that if the proper testing had been conducted prior to utilizing estrogen and the tumor was found to be estrogen receptive, our client would not have been given the estrogen and would have had a better chance of survival. The doctor’s stance was that this specific test was not part of the general standard of care, and therefore he was not responsible for the effects of the estrogen. The Finz firm held strong in their argument and during pre-trial negotiations, a $2.3 million settlement was reached for our client’s family. 

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